Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pyschology Discussion Board-- Week 7

Today’s society can be likened to a visually stimulated train. We are very materialistic and want to possess everything we see.  While this is what makes our country one of the hardest working in the world, we definitely are skewed on our approach to some things in life. One such thing is our outer appearance.  We are one of the most well-fed countries, yet there is a great pressure put on women and men to be thin. First, there is a difference in being healthy and teaching your children to be in good shape, exercise and eat right and being skinny.  The important lesson is teaching your children the difference.  I believe that as parents, God has commanded us to do what is best for our children; something that unfortunately, does not include fast food five times a week. Parents should be instilling in their child from a young age how to eat appropriate portion sizes, what to eat and the benefits of exercise. I also think that the best way to have your children start enjoying being outside... is to be outside with them! Many children would be so excited to be outside playing ball or riding bikes with their parents instead of being carted around in the family van to one extracurricular activity to the next.  When my husband was younger, he always loved running on the beach, surfing or swimming with his dad or doing martial arts with his uncle.  This was not entirely because of the activity they were doing, but rather the relationship building that was doing on simultaneously.  This being said, there is a difference between raising healthy and active children and constantly reminding children of the importance to be thin. The media still does have an underlying influence on how we view “beautiful”.  On any given day, you can get on an entertainment website and find a review on how a celebrity was dressed (stylish or not) and a less-than-flattering picture of one in a bathing suit (unsuspecting of course). This does help to shape the way we view others, ourselves and those closest to us.  Unfortunately, I think that many parents can a negative effect on their children, especially daughters, when it comes to their weight.  Parents should use caution when approaching weight and remember to always, first most, express how their child was created in God’s image. We are all His creatures and are all beautiful in His sight.  Regardless of shape, size or color, we are all His. However, our bodies are a temple and parents should strive to attack weight before it becomes an issue. By encouraging healthy eating and participating with our children in an active lifestyle, we can combat weight gain in our little ones before they ever have to experience a moment where they feel inadequate. 

First day on the Playground

Hello world. In my EDUC 205 class we were talking about our professional assessment plan for the next few years and a fellow student mentioned how she journals to get out her creative thoughts on paper and how it is important for us to "pass it along" to the other millions of men and women out there trying to carve their way into this thing we can the Education field.  This, it hit me, was an excellent idea. How else can we get out the news of information we find? I mean seriously, do we have enough time to look for it all ourselves? I think not. So I figured i'd start a blog to keep memos for myself - and to any of you moms or students out there who read it. That way its all here in one place for future reflection. Plus, this'll help Sherryl not receive a million texts at once about new things I learn and just have to pass along to her! =)

So first off, I got some great websites today for teachers/moms who want to rock their child's face off with creative lessons and fun things over spring break:  -- I think you might have to pay for this one though

I am going to look into finding a good educational magazine or scholarly journal to subscribe to. If anyone has any information, please share! And back to school for me.. One class down and two more to go!