Wednesday, March 2, 2011

First day on the Playground

Hello world. In my EDUC 205 class we were talking about our professional assessment plan for the next few years and a fellow student mentioned how she journals to get out her creative thoughts on paper and how it is important for us to "pass it along" to the other millions of men and women out there trying to carve their way into this thing we can the Education field.  This, it hit me, was an excellent idea. How else can we get out the news of information we find? I mean seriously, do we have enough time to look for it all ourselves? I think not. So I figured i'd start a blog to keep memos for myself - and to any of you moms or students out there who read it. That way its all here in one place for future reflection. Plus, this'll help Sherryl not receive a million texts at once about new things I learn and just have to pass along to her! =)

So first off, I got some great websites today for teachers/moms who want to rock their child's face off with creative lessons and fun things over spring break:  -- I think you might have to pay for this one though

I am going to look into finding a good educational magazine or scholarly journal to subscribe to. If anyone has any information, please share! And back to school for me.. One class down and two more to go!

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